Meet Emily

After volunteering to work a harvest at a winery in the Annapolis Valley, Emily was instantly inspired to build a career in the industry. She enrolled in the post graduate program, Wine Business Management at Niagara College and seized every opportunity to connect with the world of wine. This certification led to a decade of working for two of the largest beverage alcohol companies in Canada, providing Emily with the knowledge of production, importation, distribution and brand management of both Canadian and international products.

Based out of Toronto, Emily’s passion is connecting with people from around the world, learning their stories and telling them back home. With the creation of her own wine import agency, Emily is able to discover and share the next extraordinary product with fellow enthusiasts in Ontario.

A science graduate from The University of Guelph, and certified with the WSET Level 4 Diploma, Emily has a proven commitment to constant learning. Always ready to travel, she is eager to explore new regions and learn first-hand.